Today’s feature is “Ankara”

African Clothing

Things you should know before purchasing any.


The best Ankara in the whole of Africa is said to be manufactured in Ghana, and it is known to be the most expensive, follow by Nigeria made.

The Ankara has two types; the original and the fake. Ghana, Nigeria and every other country manufacture both types but it is up to the consumers (buyers) to determine the difference .

Sometimes, the name at the bottom of the fabric will tell which is which, but the distance of the white ending of the fabric where names of the fabric is written can also help to determine the originality of the fabric

The ones with short white ending is known to be the original while the ones with longer white ending is fake. One can also recognize the original by the label glued to the fabric (Ankara). 




Ghana Meets Naija Mega Concert with Naughty By Nature

Event Date: 06/12/2013 In Accra, Ghana


GHANA MEETS NAIJA the mega-jam of all mega jams…It will be the only event to successfully bring together the BIGGEST acts in Naija with the BIGGEST artistes in Ghana on one big stage in one night amidst all the glitz and glamour. Continue reading