Demi Lovato Lands Glee Role Only To Be Promptly Dogged By ‘Nude Pics’ Scandal

The X Factor judge proudly announced her upcoming appearance on the musical-comedy, only to be met with rumours that her phone has been hacked and nude photos were stolen from it

 Demi Lovato will continue her good relationship with Fox this fall when she appears in the network’s hit show Glee as part of a six-episode (with the potential for more) story arc. Unfortunately for the X Factor judge however, the news that she will be joining with the hit show has been overshadowed somewhat by the recent rumour that the star had her phone hacked, with the hacker finding and willing to sell nude photos of the star.


TV Line first revealed that Lovato will be appearing as Dani, a friend of Rachel and Santana who the pair know from their time in New York, on Monday (19 August). The star, who turns twenty-one today (20 August), will also feature with fellow guest-star Adam Lambert throughout her run on the show, and will feature in a number of duets together with the American Idol contestant. The news that she will be returning to acting – her first time since the Disney series Sonny With A Chance ended two years ago – was greatly overshadowed however, when Radar Online claimed to have been offered nude photos of the star for a nominal fee later the same day.

The website claim to have been offered photographs featuring a woman who looks identical to Lovato, tattoos and all, in a variety of compromising, clothes-less positions. The site chose not to publish the photos, although the alleged hacker is expected to attempt to sell his/her wares to another potential buyer.

The rumoured pics couldn’t really have come at a worse time, and may not only go on to compromise her role on Glee, but may also greatly affect her position on Fox’s other hit show; The X Factor. With the series nearing the airing of it’s next season, and with star judge and series creator Simon Cowell rocked by the news that he has fathered a child with a married woman, Lovato’s scandal may prove to be a fatal blow in the running and the success of the series.



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