Actress Sandra Bullock is sporting a bump on her forehead after accidentally running into a wall during a trip to Disneyland.

The Speed star recently joined her The Heat co-stars Melissa MCCarthy and comedian Michael MCDonald for a family day out at the California theme park, but she was left disoriented after enjoying a ride on the Space Mountain rollercoaster and smacked her head against a concrete wall.

The incident has left her with a small injury to the right side of her temple – and she’s convinced the mishap is the result of bad karma.

She explains, “We went to Disneyland, Melissa MCCarthy and I, we took the kids, we took a couple friends of ours… Michael MCDonald, who’s in our film… He’s very funny but he’s just mean and it’s just towards me that he’s mean, so decided I‘m going to be mean back… but every time I did it, something horrible would happen to me. Like, I fell over the railing once…

“All I remember (about the accident) is that I turned my head and there was this blinding light and there’s a crack in my head. Allegedly my knees buckled and I just, I ran into a wall. It was because was being mean back (to MCDonald). I guess it’s a karma thing… I still have a lump.”

Sandra Bullock Suffered Bump To Her Head At Disneyland


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