Paris Hilton,The Newest Member Of CashMoney

Cash Money Boss “Birdman” Excited About Signing Paris.


Paris Hilton is the newest member of one of hip-hop’s hottest labels.

The heiress and reality star has signed with Cash Money Records, which is home to hitmakers Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake. Cash Money’s co-founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams tweeted a welcome to Hilton on Wednesday, causing Hilton’s name to cruise at the top of the social media’s trending topics for hours. (Said Hilton in response, “Thanks BO$$! Happy to be apart of the family.”

Hilton, who’s been hanging out in Cannes, France, which is currently boasting its film festival, said as much earlier this week to Showbiz411. She brought up her second album, which she’s previously said would involve Afrojack as an executive producer, and revealed that the record will be released by Cash Money and will feature hip-hop acts.

Many were (and continue to be) skeptical of Hilton’s confirmed new deal with the label, but Williams told the Los Angeles Times that the decision to sign the 32-year-old was pretty simple.

“She’s always supported us, and we’ve supported her,” he said. “She played us music, and I was taken aback. I was impressed by her music, and I didn’t know she could sing so well.”

Hilton’s been working on her follow-up to 2006’s “Paris” for more than a year, and hopes to release it this summer.

The collaboration overall sounds like a win-win: Hilton gets to release her EDM-leaning new record, and Cash Money benefits from being attached to more star power.

“[Her deal] being so talked about shows the strength of her popularity,” Birdman told the LA Times. “I’m very excited. I’m very appreciative that she’s part of the team. She’s very talented, and a beautiful young woman.”


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