Who’s the Least Likeable Music Artist Around Right Now?


Public Policy Polling recently asked several hundred Americans whether they have favorable or unfavorable opinions of various musicians and styles of music, from classical and jazz to Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

As you might expect, Bieber took a serious beating with only 20% of voters having a favorable opinion of the young singer and 54% unfavorable. Other unlikeables included Skrillex (11% favorable, 35% unfavorable), Chris Brown (13%, 57%), Lady Gaga (29%, 50%), and Jay-Z (25%, 44%).


In fact, the only artists who came out looking good were Adele (54%, 18%), Beyonce (51%, 30%), and Taylor Swift (53%, 27%). Even ’80s crooner Morrissey got a bad wrap.

The survey also included some weird questions, like: “In your opinion, how should Justin Timberlake spend most of his time: acting, making music, getting back together with ‘N Sync, or playing golf?” Or: “Have you ever been to the club, or not?”

Let us know who you think the most unlikeable artist is, and feel free to elaborate on your response in the comments section. We can’t wait to see who you come up with.


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