Man Falls From Broadway’s Lyceum Theater, Lands Gently On Marquee

Bizarre incident sees man fall out of Broadway theater window – onto a huge marquee.


A man survived by a devastating fall from a window above Broadway’s Lyceum Theater on West 45th Street yesterday (May 20, 2013) by landing on a marquee. Witnesses told the New York Post that the “older man” was wandering around a second-floor hall at 2.50pm – 10 minutes before show-time – when he leaned on heavy curtains covering the window of a French door.

The door opened and the man tumbled outside, landing on a marquee set up for the Nathan Lanestarring show ‘The Nance’. Stewart Goldburg of Commack was just about to get in his seat when the bizarre incident occurred. “There were people looking at him through the window,” he recalled, “They wouldn’t let you go near the window. He was out there for 15 minutes.I was talking to an usher, and she couldn’t figure out how he had fallen because the doors are normally locked.”

“He fell backwards and landed on the [marquee],” said witness Andrew Castillo, 22, of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. A nearby restaurant manager added: “They took him off the [marquee], and I saw him on astretcher.” The man was taken to Bellevue Hospital for only minor chest and back injuries. 

Built in 1903, the beaux arts Lyceum Theater is the oldest continually operating theater on Broadway.


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