Nigeria is the second highest consumer of champagne in the world


According to UK’s “The Guardian” newspaper, Nigeria is the second highest in the world, second ONLY to France!
At all the celebrity parties in Lagos, they always have champagne. And it has to be the finest, because these are the things that are important symbols here” says Genevieve magazine editor.

At every elite event, the champagne has to be flowing, and how much champagne there is at your party determines whether you are bigger than the next celebrity.

Sales of fizz in Nigeria hit $50m+ each year and IS rising! Nigerians spent 8billion naira on champagne alone in 2011!
We are even ahead of rapid growth nations Brazil and China, and established markets such as the US and Australia.

And the worrying part is it doesn’t even end here.

Nigerians’ love of big spending has attracted growing attention in recent months. Last year figures revealed that Nigerian tourists in the UK are the fourth biggest foreign spenders, ringing up an average £500 (N115,000) in each shop where they make purchases – four times what the average UK shopper spends.


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