Bieber Might Lose His Monkey To Germany By Midnight

If the Canadian star does not claim the pet capuchin seized by customs officials by midnight the animal will belong to Germany.



Pop star Justin Bieber has until midnight to claim his pet monkey – or lose it to the Federal Republic of Germany.

The singer’s 17-week-old capuchin, called Mally, was seized by customs staff at Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport after he failed to produce the correct papers for the animal.

The Canadian star was detained “for some time” while customs officials took Mally into quarantine at the airport.

Mally was sent to a Munich Animal Protection League (MAPL) animal shelter, where he has remained, unclaimed, since March 28.

Customs officials have said that if Bieber does not produce the papers by midnight on May 17 then Mally will become the property of Germany.

They will also be billing the pop star for the monkey’s care, vet visits and food – an invoice that will run to several thousand dollars.

MAPL said that they had received two emails claiming to be from Bieber’s management company.

In the messages they were asked how long they had to produce the paperwork before the monkey would be put down, and secondly whether it could be given to a zoo.

Custom officials say they have yet to receive any formal request for that from Bieber or any of his representatives.

Speaking last month, customs spokesman Thomas Meister, said: “If by May 17 there is nothing, then he loses ownership of the animal and it becomes the property of the Federal Republic of Germany.

“If Bieber really does want to place the animal in a zoo, he is welcome to contact customs authorities and forfeit Mally at any time, but will likely have to pay costs associated with keeping the monkey so far and a fine.”Image

Bieber flew his pet, understood to have been a 19th birthday president from music producer Jamal Rashid on March 1, to Munich on the Cessna Citation X he rents for £13,000-a-time.

He was performing in the city on his world tour, which had been blighted by a series of unfortunate headlines.

He was booed for lateness of arrival for his concert at the O2 in London and had to apologise to fans. At a later gig he collapsed on stage and had to be treated in hospital.

He then cancelled a concert in Portugal, saying he had had a “rough week” in London.

In March, Bieber and his entourage were asked to leave the Hotel Le Meurice in Paris apparently because of the “nuisance caused by the presence of his fans around the buildings”.

In April he came under fire for a message he wrote in the guestbook at the Amsterdam home where Anne Frank once lived. He wrote he hoped the Holocaust victim “would have been a belieber”.




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