Holly Madison – Holly Madison’s fiance facing jail?

The former ‘The Girls Next Door’ star’s Holly Madison’s fiance Pasquale Rotella is facing almost 14 years in prison after being charged with bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest but his lawyer insists he is innocent.

ImageHolly Madison’s fiance facing jail?

Holly Madison‘s fiance is reportedly facing more than 13 years in prison.

The former ‘The Girls Next Door’ star’s partner Pasquale Rotella, who is the father of her two-month-old baby girl Rainbow Aurora, attended a pre-trial hearing in Los Angeles on Monday (13.05.13) for a number of serious charges including bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest.

According to gossip website RadarOnline.com the LA County District Attorney alleges that the owner of Insomniac events used more than $2.5 million in funds from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to pay off city officials so he could host raves in the venue.

Pasquale – who was indicted with five other males – posted a $1.8 million bail and is due back in court on July 29.

If convicted the father-of-one, who is due to marry Holly, 33, on August 14, could serve almost 14 years behind bars.

But his lawyer Gary Jay Kaufman previously said he is confident that his client will be found innocent, calling the charges ”politically motivated and publicity driven.”

He added: ”[Rotella] has always acted lawfully and appropriately with respect to all of his dealings with the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Any allegations of wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Rotella by the District Attorney’s office are completely baseless and flat-out wrong, both on the law and on the facts.”

Holly, who stars in a new E! reality special ‘Holly Has A Baby’ alongside Pasquale, recently said they hope to have six children together.


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